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rbandrews's Journal

R. Andrews
I am a twenty-something programmer / gamer (mostly board games) from Texas. I went to school in Virginia, and I currently live back in Texas, where I am apparently a web developer now. Weird, I know.
Here is my website, where you can find Java games I've written as a hobby. Minutes of fun!
admitting fault, alan moore, alex robinson, all you can eat, amie street, anathem, apollo, apophis for president, applets, arlo guthrie, arthur clarke, austin things to do, back in my day, blacksburg, boardgames, boingboing, boingboing gadgets, books in a year, british sitcoms, buffy, callcc, carbon leaf, cassandra, charles stross, closures, comics without superheroes, command lines, computer science, copyfight, corsets, cory doctorow, cute things, dinnergroup, dreamcast, ecmascript, electronic kits, elegance, emacs, extruded fantasy product, fingerworks, game design, german board games, go, good writing, greg costikyan, hacker lore, hair, hard science fiction, homebrew videogames, icehouse, instant messaging, internet explorer sucks, iphone, irony, jabber, javascript, jerry pournelle, john ford, jvm, kids in the hall, larry niven, linux, lisp, lunch, macintosh, make, making light, math for fun, mmuc, mongolian barbeque, monogamy, multitouch, nasa, neal stephenson, nintendo ds, not lying to people, osx, penny arcade, physics, pixel art, playfulness, playthisthing, pocket computers, practical jokes, programming, radiohead, reddit, reiner knizia, robert heinlein, ruby, scheme, scifi, scratching, small computers, some things aren't objects, sparkfun, squidi, stargate, steven levy, superheroes, teresa nielsen hayden, texas, texas barbeque, the beatles, through-hole components, tinkering, tiny games, tom lehmann, touchstream, tying people up, unix, useless pretty things, verbs, web development, west wing, whimsy, wii, wozniak, xkcd, ycombinator, zendo