R. Andrews (rbandrews) wrote,
R. Andrews

This weekend I:

- Had my check card canceled, because of bullshit. I'll be able to fix it tomorrow, likely by switching banks, because this isn't the first time.

- Bought a grill and a cylinder of propane. Then spent way too long assembling the grill, when I could have bought a pre-assembled one for $30 more. But, I have a grill now.

- Set up (mostly) the Old Video Game Nook: my 21" CRT that I got from Dave, hooked to an RCA -> VGA converter, hooked to a Dreamcast / PS2 / Gamecube (actually a Wii pretending to be a Gamecube). Nostalgic fun!

- Replaced all the dimmers with real switches but one. The hall light is still stupid; you can only control it with the dimmer from one end of the hall, and only if another light switch is off. But the dimmers in my room, my workshop, and the kitchen are all gone now.

- Finally got in the mail a thing I've been waiting for for weeks; a little toy that I had shipped from Ukraine right before the war broke out.

- Ate a steak that would have cost like $30 in a restaurant, for $4 because Cassie made it on our grill (and tomorrow I'll try doing burgers).

- Shelved all the DVDs. They all fit with about half a shelf to spare, because I put the games in the den, and the same with Bullshit (which is a shelf all on its own; they never released a proper boxed set).

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