R. Andrews (rbandrews) wrote,
R. Andrews


Well, we live in the new house now. Cassie's father came yesterday with his truck, and we moved almost all the big stuff (two things we forgot about, but we can get those later). We moved the bed, the couch, the dining room table, and some more games. After he left we went back for more car-sized things. We stayed here last night, then today got a couple more loads of stuff, including the computers. Cassie did her podcast this evening, and while she did I went back for the TV.

So most of the stuff we use on a day-to-day basis is now here, although it may be here and buried in a box. I still don't have my chair, or my nightstand, which sort of sucks, and a lot of the boxes need to be unpacked on to tables / shelves that I haven't actually built yet, like in the workshop. That'll come next week. And of course the books: I worked it out that I can carry about four full boxes of books in my car, along with a bookcase, which means six or so trips (one per bookcase). The books are more or less fluid, once we start moving them they should be pretty easy. And there's no rush at all; we have the apartment still until May.

The new AC works great too. Took most of two days to install and it cost a fortune, but it works great and it's an important thing to have here.

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