R. Andrews (rbandrews) wrote,
R. Andrews


Today I closed on the house, and got the keys. The previous owners are still moving some things out of the backyard, but it's officially mine and I can go over there whenever I want to, because it's my house.

Closing was insanely fast. The bank did it in two weeks, because they were super into getting it done in February for some reason. I got a bunch of concessions from them too, they waived almost all of my closing costs, I paid about $150 over the down payment. So that's cool.

I bought a refrigerator today too, which I'm actually more freaked out about than the house. A fancy french-door stainless steel refrigerator.

I suppose I should start packing things. Cassie has a cold so I guess that's why she's not moving things yet. She says she's going to move a bunch of stuff over spring break though.

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