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Yesterday, after work, Cassie and I went to look at a couple houses. One of them was sort of lame; it had narrow little everything, old-ladyish wallpaper and woodwork and such, and a kitchen that was probably really fancy in 1977. Which was a shame because it was the one I was looking forward the most to looking at. The garage was kinda nice too, it was clearly the domain of an old man who liked to tinker with things. It was an estate sale and there was random junk everywhere, too.

Anyway, that one was a no. The second one on the other hand, was nice. You walk in, and you think "huh, this is a decent sized living room," and then you turn on the lights and you see that you're standing in an entryway, and the actual living room is the size of a small skating rink. And covered in hardwood floors. With a kitchen next to it, that's got all modern appliances and a glass-top stove.

There are four bedrooms, all with laminate floors, and the garage is converted to a den, which we'll use as a library of both books and games (and which is the future home of a Geek Chic table).

We made an offer on it yesterday, and it was accepted today, pending an inspection Wednesday. Assuming the place isn't infested with Deep Crows or something, I'm going to buy it.

So, that's the news I have to share. :)

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