March 8th, 2014


I don't have a cold any more

So now I have no excuse for not housing.

Yesterday was the roofer. The old owners had made an extension on the roof for a covered patio (pretty much exactly what you just described, Tucker, except no pomegranate tree), but that added a new valley to the roof which made water pool up by the chimney. They raised the roof in that corner so it drains better; it was easily the most expensive thing I have ever paid for on Square. :) I have some pictures. Sorry for potato quality; I didn't take them.

Today I didn't wake up before my alarm, for the first time in weeks. I went to the house, replaced one light switch, hung around while the cable guy did his thing, and put together a wire shelf and loaded it with some board games. Also did some minor door maintenance.

The light switches, apparently the old owners loved dimmer knobs, because they put them on everything. This means that turning on the lights is kind of a chore, and anyway why would you ever want a light to be dimmer? So yesterday I bought a bunch of light switches, with the intention of replacing most of the dimmers with normal switches (Cassie doesn't mind the dimmers, so the one in her writing room and the one in the hall will stay). I found out that none of the breakers are labeled, so I had to switch the whole house off, but whatever. Other than that it was pretty straightforward.

The door, there were two things wrong with: one, it didn't latch; you could open it by just pushing it in, without turning the knob. What happened there was that the strike plate came loose, one of the screws worked its way out, and nobody noticed and kept slamming the door on it. So part of the wood there is pretty shattered. I was able to hold it on with just one screw, so now it latches, but it's pretty crappy, I need to work out a better way to fix it. The internet says "fill the hole with JB Weld and drill a new everything" which seems plausible.

Cable though, that went perfectly. The outlet is replacing the old AT&T one, and it's right where I wanted it to be, behind the TV. There's a cable running directly from the pedestal (serves the whole block) to my modem, so in a first time occurrence for me there was actually too much signal; he had to put in a splitter to nothing just to make it work. So I have really fast internet there now.

The plan now is, have most everything moved by the end of next week. Cassie has next week off (spring break) so I'm going to pack stuff into boxes and stack them in my room, she'll move the boxes during the day, and I'll pack more / unpack (to reuse the boxes) at night. Then next weekend we can borrow her father's truck.

Surprisingly, I kind of love fixing things on this house. Which is probably a good thing. But this is why I've only moved like five boxes; every time I go over there I end up fixing something instead.

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